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Why can't I create a Channel in my Aurasma Studio account?

In summer 2014 we launched a new version of the Aurasma Studio UI which offers a number of advantages: a cleaner look, more exposure for user-generated AR content on our platform, easier testing of content, and a more streamlined and faster Aura creation process. 

Among these changes, Auras no longer need to be placed in Channels in order to be made public and shared with millions of Aurasma users. Instead, once an Aura is created, it can be shared automatically at the click of a 'Share' button in Studio. This means that users can simply follow your account name in app to see your content, rather than following individual Channels. Much like using Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, your audience can easily find all of your augmented reality content in one convenience place.

Video Tutorials on using the latest Aurasma Studio UI can be found here.  

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