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In January 2019 we announced that HP Reveal is heading in a new direction. Our strategy is going to involve the expansion of AR to include Serialization capabilities, provided by HP Link.

This is a huge undertaking, and as a result we will be unable to provide additional information about the new offering until 2020.


What does this announcement mean for the Studio?

When you login to Studio you should see a banner:


This banner specifies a couple of important dates to take note of:

  • 2nd April
    • We removed the ability for trigger images or overlays to be uploaded to the Studio - this does not affect the App
    • We removed the ability to create new Auras in the Studio - this does not affect the App
    • You can continue to edit existing Auras created in the Studio
  • 1st July
    • We are closing down all AR Studio accounts, users will therefore be unable to login to their Studio accounts - this does not affect the App
    • The form that enables users to create new Studio accounts will also be disabled - this does not affect new App accounts


When and how do I find out more about the future offering?

If you click on the 'learn more' button in the banner in the Studio, you will be taken to our FAQs page.

From here you can provide your email address if you'd like to receive further correspondence from us when we are ready to announce the new product.


What are my options today?

It is important to note that APP accounts will continue to function exactly as they do now for the foreseeable future.

As a result, we are pushing people to use the app instead of the Studio - we therefore have a 3 step guide to help make this transition as easy as possible:

  • Step 1:
    • Create a new app account - you want the credentials to be something you'd be willing to share out with people
  • Step 2:
    • Search for and Follow any app account(s) that already created experiences you want people to see
    • Create new Auras using the app
      • NOTE: use the create flow in-app to take photos of your Studio images, and add videos you have already uploaded to the device
  • Step 3: 
    • Share or print the app login details that you created in Step 1 & ask people to login 

As a result of following the method outlined above, people no longer need to create their own individual logins, or to search and follow your content, as this has all been done for them by you already. 


Are there any limitations with the App?

One thing to note is that the create flow in the app does not allow for the ability to tap and load websites - it simply allows content (videos etc.) to play on top of your images.

It is worth being aware that any content created with a single login can be seen by anyone else logged in with those credentials, this also applies to 'following' content. Whilst this can be a positive outcome because users are not required to search for content you want them to follow, it can also be negative as they may follow accounts that you do not want them to. 

There is no way to turn off the ability for an account to follow other accounts so bear this in mind.


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