Multiple textures in a single object

In HP Reveal each object can only have a single material or shader, therefore objects with multiple shaders or materials applied to it, as per Image 1, will be rejected by the Studio.

Image 1: this image of a sphere has 5 different materials added to different faces. This object will not work in HP Reveal

In order to add different shaders or materials to a single object in HP Reveal we have two main possible options. 

Option 1: Converting and combining different textures into a single texture map.

In order to do this we need to understand how to Unwrap UVs. 

The sphere in Image 1 shows five different materials, the UV unwrap in Image 2 shows the default from Maya:

Image 2:


If we then export this UV Unwrap to our image and graphics editor of choice (Photoshop, as per Image 3), we can then combine and create a single texture, including all the colours and textures from Image 1, rather than using several different materials combined into a single object. 

Image 3:photoshop.PNG


Comparing before and after in the following animations




Option 2: Cut and separate the object into different parts, each one of them with a different shader or material.

In some other cases, we will be using different material qualities, for example one material might be a little more shinny than another one, and trying to combine them into a single material would not be a great result. 

In those cases we will have to split the object into different meshes or objects.

So if the object has 5 different shaders and one single mesh as shown below:


Then we will have to split the object in 5 different meshes:


NOTE: remember you'll need to reapply each material to the new meshes, or they could still be referencing the multi-material and will therefore be incompatible with Reveal.


Remember to always check our guidelines for further info on compatibility. 




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