Using Ambient Shading

Using Emisisve as ambient

-In order to avoid using many lights in the scene which would end up slowing down the experience and in order to avoid scenes and models looking too dark we have a little trick that we tend to use here at HP Reveal Creative. 

In the following example even after using 2 lights the character still gets some dirty dark shades.


In order to avoid those dirty dark shades we add the same texture map to the diffuse channel and to the emissive channel, however the colour values of the texture map added to the emissive channel would burn out the diffuse colours if we did this.

To counteract this we darken the diffuse texture map, for this we will go to our graphic editor package of choice, in our case photoshop where we will add a black color fill layer on top of the diffuse texture map layer and then we reduce the layer transparency to about 50%. Then we will export the new resulting darker texture to be connected to the diffuse channel and to the emissive channel. 




This will allow the material to still react to the lights in the scene, but the scene will not be needing so many lights and the models will end up having better colour and overall being a more vivid looking model.




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