Converting Shaders

The following article will explain the process to convert shaders in an exported DAE so that they are ready for HP Reveal.

In HP Reveal, we use up to four different shaders: Blinn, Phong, Lambert and Constant - before continuing to read this article, make sure to have a look at our article about shaders in HP Reveal.  


For this process we suggest the use of a free text processor called notepad ++

Once we have our Open Collada export (DAE), we will open it with Notepad++, from there we will press Ctrl+F in order to open the Search Window, once this window opens we will click the second tab (Replace) and in the "Find What" we will type the shader type name (Blinn, Phong, Lambert or Constant). 

Then on the second line "Replace With" we will add the name of the shader we want to convert our original shaders in.

Then Click on the Replace All button in order to convert them.


One thing to keep in mind is that if in the scene we have multiple shaders of one same type, all of them will be changed at the same time.  





















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