Reducing Texture File Size

Whilst 3D artists are used to being able to work with very large textures, HP Reveal requires that artists optimise textures to reduce potential download times on end-user's devices. As a result, we use our own techniques in order to achieve great results on a device, without reducing the overall quality of the texture.

In order to reduce the size of your textures, we recommend that you use a site that helps reduce the file size of your png files:

It is available for free online, and the results it provides are excellent for textures, even those with gradients and softer transparency.

The following texture dimensions are 1024x1424px (1k), and the file size is 1.6Mb.


Once reduced to 512x512px, and then optimised using, we reduced the overall file size to 201.9Kb. This is a much more manageable size, and will allow you to use a higher number of textures:


Here we can see the same model with the original 1k textures (including diffuse, normals and specular) and the same model with optimised textures we might lose a little detail but we save a lot of loading time improving the overall experience. 

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