Aurasma Studio: Managing Content in Campaigns and Folders

As an Aurasma Customer, you may find yourself needing to manage tens or even hundreds of Auras. The Aurasma Studio offers you the tools you need to file content away in your account into different categories or groups. 

The Campaigns Tab

Campaigns are like files of Auras, allowing you to organise related Auras which are live on your apps as a group into the same file. In the campaigns section of your account, you can create as many campaigns as you want to reflect the different groups of Auras you are working with, whether they be the seasons of the year for a fashion retailer, or different clients of your agency. Campaigns can contain any number of related Auras.


When in the campaigns tab, you will be able to see a list of every campaign in your account. 

However, it may be that you want to organise your content even more precisely, possibly by placing different campaigns of Auras into groups themselves. This is where you need to use folders...


If campaigns (in the campaigns tab) are files of individual Auras, Folders are files of individual campaigns. 

There is no folders tab in your account, but you do have the ability to create as many folders as you want in order to group related campaigns and go directly to those campaigns in Studio when you want to focus on or access a certain specific group. 

How do I create folders?

To create a new folder, you first need to move an existing campaign. Highlight the campaign in the list under the campaigns tab, and click 'Move'. 

When you have selected to move a campaign, a window will pop up asking you to select the folder where you would like to place the campaign. By default you will only have one folder, called 'My Campaigns'. However, you will also have the option to 'Create New Folder': click this to start creating new folders! Just give the folder a name, and you will then see it appear in your list of folders!

To move the selected campaign in to this new folder, simply highlight the new folder in the list and click 'Move 1 Campaign'. You now have a new folder, and a campaign safely filed inside it! You can repeat this process to create more folders, but remember, for the folder to come into being, you always need a campaign ready to be moved in to it!



Once I have created new folders, where do I find them on the Studio dashboard?

The Studio does not have a 'Folders' tab on the central dashboard. To access particular folders of campaigns, you first need to go to the 'My Campaigns' tab.

As noted above, the campaigns tab will list all the campaigns in your account, though not the folders. To see particular folders, and thereby narrow down the list of campaigns you see on screen to those you are especially interested in, you need to click the little folders icon under the 'All Campaigns' tab heading.


Select the folder you want by double clicking on it, and the list of campaigns on screen will reduce to those listed in that particular folder. To go back to the full list of campaigns in your account, or to change which folder you are in, simply click the exit 'X' option, or go back to the folders icon you started with...


Can I create sub-folders within folders?

Yes! To create sub-folders within folders you can follow the steps above for creating folders: the only difference is when creating a new folder on moving a campaign, highlight the folder this new 'sub-folder' will sit in before clicking to 'Create New Folder'...


You should now have the knowledge you need to manage large amounts of content for your AR campaigns!  



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