Studio 5.2: Templates 1.5, New Accounts Page, Updated Creation Flow, Other Fixes

We're updating Studio today with 3 main functionality updates.

  1. Updated Templates 1.5
  2. New Accounts Page
  3. Updated Aura Creation Flow
  4. Username Case Sensitivity


Templates 1.5 

What is Templates 1.5?

Templates were released at SXSW 2016. This release is a refresh to the user experience and functionality primarily based on user feedback.

What are the changes?

  1. Templates are moved. They no longer appear on the ‘My Auras’ screen. Instead they appear when the user selects “Create new Aura.
  2. The guided walk through is updated. The instructional bubbles are closer to the area of action, and all text updated.

What users are impacted?

All Pro users – users that already have access to Templates.

Get inspired with templates and this article on how to use Templates. 


New Accounts Page

We've updated your account page to give you more control over your account and provides more detailed information about your submitted quote requests, and 


Updated Aura Creation Flow 

What is Updated Aura Creation Flow?

A series of changes in creating Auras, all based on user feedback.

What are the changes?

  1. The “Trigger | Overlays | Aura” navigation tabs in the upper-right are removed to simplify the screen.
  2. Auto-save. Auras now auto-save without any action from the user.

What users are impacted?

All users.


Username Case Sensitivity 

What is Username Case Sensitivity?

HP Reveal account user names have until this point been case sensitive, requiring users to log in using the exact same capitalization as when they created their account. If they try and login with a difference in capitalization or other case change, the get an error message, "Please check your username and password.”

This release allows users to login successfully no matter what capitalization or case the username is typed in.

Why the change?

The case-sensitive requirement caused a lot of Support requests from users that did not enter their username correct. This is intended to provide a better user experience and reduce Support tickets.

Which users are impacted?

All HP Reveal users – everyone with a login – are impacted, whether they created their account years ago or create their account new after the change.

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