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Aurasma User FAQs

Just downloaded the Aurasma app? Here are some frequently asked user questions to get you started.


How do I access the augmented reality experience?

Download the Aurasma App on Google Play or the App Store, select the camera icon, and point your viewfinder at the trigger. Hold the device steady and at a distance where it can get the full image in view, and then you will launch the special experience on your screen.


How do I know if the app is recognizing the image?

When the viewfinder is first opened, it shows a bouncing scanner that is “looking” for something to recognize.  As soon as it locks in on an active image, the animation will change to a pulsing target shape.  Depending on your network or wifi speed, the app will then launch the augmented reality experience.  Select wifi for the best performance.


What types of devices are supported?

Most iOS and Android devices. See our supported mobile devices article for an up to date list of supported operating systems.


How do I know what to scan?

Look for a printed call-to-action to identify trigger images, usually including our app logo.  Every time you see that logo, it means there is a special experience to discover through the app.


Do I have to keep holding my device up, or can the experience stay with me if I pull the device away?

Some experiences are built with a “locked view” so that you can pull away from the image.  Others may only remain on the screen when the physical image or object is still in view so that you really get the full mixed reality experience combining physical and digital media.


It’s dark in here!  How can I get my device to see the experience when the room is not well-lit?

You can launch your device’s camera flash, or “torch”, by tapping on the lightning icon on the upper left corner within the viewfinder view of the app.  That light will brighten up your environment and give your device’s camera the ability to see the trigger image, even in dark spaces.


This is pretty cool.  How can I record the augmented reality experience in action?

Simply tap the screenshot or video icon to capture a still image or a video of the AR experience on your screen.  You can save it to your image library and/or share it on your social channels.


I enjoyed my first augmented reality experience and want to see more.  What should I do?

Depending on the experience, you may be able to unlock new digital content from the same item over time.  Maybe the logo you viewed yesterday will launch a new coupon or interactive quiz today!  In addition, you can find a list of augmented reality-powered items on our website.

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