Hotspots - what, why and how

Hotspots are invisible Overlays - this is a feature that might not have an immediately obvious purpose, but once you get further into building Auras, they become more and more useful.

Some uses for Hotspots includes:

  • Creating tap-able areas on a video or image by placing Hotspots with associated actions over certain areas
    • This means you could create a single video or image with 4 quadrants - each encouraging the user to tap, with a hotspot to appear on top of each quadrant. Each hotspot could carry a different action for the customer to take once they've tapped
  • Targeting specific areas of your Aura to be made fullscreen by using a Hotspot as the target of a fullscreen action
    • For example, you could use Hotspots as a way of zooming in on certain parts of an image inside an Aura
  • Using Hotspots to carry individual/groups of actions to help automate parts of your Aura
    • If you add a time delay to a hotspot, this can mean that you can time things up to happen automatically
  • Using a Hotspot to block taps on other Overlays
    • For example, if you have a menu and want to disable it while another Overlay plays in the foreground, you can insert a Hotspot above the menu (change its proportions to cover the entire menu), but positioned so that it is below the playing video in the Right hand Overlay list.

Where can I find it?

You can add a Hotspot to your Aura but clicking the "Click to Select Existing" Overlay option:


Doing this will open up the 'add Overlay' window - now you should click the Hotspot button up in the top right of that window.


Once added, the Hotspot will appear alongside the rest of your Overlays in the Aura. 

As you can see from the screenshot below, on the right hand side is the Overlay list where it appears with all the same properties as a user-created Overlay. In the left-hand 2D workspace it is simply represented by its border - which can be adjusted to any proportion.


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