Hotspots - what, why and how

Hotspots are default Overlays that can be added by anyone to an Aura - the do not have a visual representation other than their boarder, which is only visible in the Studio.


You can add a Hotspot to your Aura but clicking the "add existing Overlay" option.

That will open up the add Overlay window - now you should click the Hotspot button up in the top right of that window.

Once added the Hotspot will appear along with the rest of your Overlays in the Aura. On the right hand Overlay list it has all the same properties as a user-created Overlay. In the left-hand 2D workspace it is simply represented by its boarder - which can be adjusted to any proportion.


Hotspots have many many uses:

  • Create tap-able areas on a video or image by placing Hotspots containing actions over certain areas.
  • Target specific areas of your Aura to be made fullscreen by using a Hotspot as the target of a fullscreen action.
  • Use hotspots to carry individual/groups of actions to help automate parts of your Aura.
  • Use one to block taps on other Overlays - if you have a menu and want to disable it while another Overlay plays in the foreground, you can insert a Hotspot above the menu (change its proportions to cover it) but below the playing video in the Right hand Overlay list.
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