Load a URL


Loading a URL at its most simple level is used to direct the user to external web pages. In these circumstance, the address should be prefixed with "http://".

However, the Load a URL action can also be used to access some other system functions of the device, including text message or email for example. A full list is below:







Opens the Aurasma browser

Calendar event



Note: the .ics file will have to be hosted by the producer of the Aura and referenced in the URL link

Phone call


tel: 0011223344

Opens up ‘0011223344’ in your keypad

Text message 


sms: 0011223344

Opens up an SMS message to ‘0011223344’

Populated Text


Opens up ‘0011223344’ in your keypad

Adds ‘Hello there’ to the message

Send an Email


mailto:[email protected]

Opens an email to '[email protected]com

Email with Subject*


mailto:[email protected]?subject=Hello

Opens an email to ‘[email protected]com’ with the Subject ‘Hello’

Email with subject & body*


mailto:[email protected]?subject=Hello%20subject&body=Dear%20Example

Opens an email to ‘[email protected]com’ with the Subject ‘Hello’, and an opening line in the email which says ‘Dear Example’

*Text inputted for subject & body are not required to be URL encoded, this will happen automatically when the action is saved.

In-app URL Links

The Aurasma SDK allows for the ability to link to a page or section within your app. This is particularly helpful in the case where you have users logged into your App. If a customer taps on a button to purchase something, this button can contain your App URL meaning the customer is taken to the page in your App where they can add to cart. If this customer is already logged in to the App, their information has already been captured making the path to purchase much faster. 

To set this up, you’ll need to parse a URL scheme for your App that can then be included in your Auras.

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