Social Sharing Permissions: Controlling how Auras can be Shared

When viewing an Aura on a device, it is possible to take Aura screenshots, record a video of the Aura, and social share the experience with friends.

However, if you wish to control these options, you have the ability as a paying HP Reveal subscriber to enable or disable screenshots, video recording, or social sharing for individual Auras as you choose.

At the summary page during Aura creation, there are new check boxes that allow you to edit these permissions (see image below). This functionality will only work in updated apps (5.1+)  


In Studio, selecting these check boxes correspond to the buttons shown below when scanning an Aura.

When a user taps the video recording button, a 10 second video will begin recording, and then play the video back. The native iOS share functionality can be used to directly share the video.

When a user taps the screenshot button, a screenshot of the Aura will be captured, and the native iOS share functionality will automatically appear. In this case, a link to a Showcase Page and a pre-defined message will be shared.

The Showcase Page provides a way to promote either a screenshot or a trigger image. If a user shares using the screenshot button, a screenshot of the Aura will be shared. If a user shares using the social sharing button, a trigger image from that Aura’s campaign will be shared. The same page is used for both screenshots and trigger images, instructing the user to “Scan this image” regardless of if a screenshot or trigger is shown. This helps explain to the user that all triggers should be scanned with the app.


When a user taps the social sharing button (), a link to subscribe to the Aura will be shared. De-selecting this in Studio does NOT prevent the user from sharing screenshots or videos on social media, only a link to subscribe. If you’d like to prevent the user from sharing screenshots or videos, you should de-select “Allow screenshots” and “Allow video recording."

Below, we have outlined the specific behavior for each setting – showing both the setting in Studio, and what the user will see in the app.

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