Using the 3D View: Basic Commands


The 3D View has 3 main uses:

  1. Rotating
    • The 3D View allows Users to rotate any 2D or 3D Overlay - this functionality is not currently possible using the normal 2D canvas
  2. Positioning
    • The 3D View also allows Users to position any Overlay*, whether it is 2D or 3D, in 3D space, relative to the Trigger Image
  3. Scaling
    • The 3D View allows users to increase the size of 3D objects without skewing them

This is a screenshot of the 3D View once it has been opened, and the icon to activate the 3D View has been highlighted.



Once the 3D View has opened**, and if no command keys are held, clicking and dragging the left mouse orbits the camera.

The 3D View has a basic set of controls which are initially hidden when the 3D Viewer window first opens. In order to reveal the list of commands, ensure the pop-up window is selected (with a click of the mouse) and hold the 'H' key on your keyboard:


To use each command, simply hold down the key for the command required and;

  1. Click & drag the mouse, or
  2. Use the keyboard arrow keys

1) Clicking and dragging the mouse is free form and therefore does not give accuracy

2) The arrow keys allow you to use the command to affect your Overlay in increments, with the default value set at 10. If you want to rotate an Overlay by 90 degrees for example, hold down the key for rotating on the desired axis and hit the corresponding arrow key 9 times. The step size can be changed by holding down any control key and scrolling with the mouse wheel.***

Using the Basic Commands laid out in this article are also a useful way in which to start learning about how Overlays can be manipulated in 3D space. It is also an easy way in which to make your content pop off the page. 2D Overlays positioned in 3D space are often referred to as 2.5D.

* Please note: It is only possible to open and hence position/rotate one Overlay in the 3D View at a time.

** You might find that 3D Overlays are not visible the first time you open the 3D View - simply click the cancel button and reopen and this will reset

*** Step size is not affected by the mouse click & drag action

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