Segments Explained

What are 'Segments' in the Studio?

Segments allow individual Auras to share multiple, more personal experiences with the viewer, based on the context in which the User finds themselves.
You might, for instance, want to deliver different AR experiences to your viewers depending on the time of day, or the day of the week. Or you might want viewers in different countries to be able to see your experience in their own language, and to be able to click through to a country-specific webpage. For purposes like these and many others, segments allow you to tailor your Auras to particular audiences, in particular places at particular times. 
Where do segments work?
Segments can work for all Auras delivered through the HP Reveal app or via the SDK. Individual segments are created and then added to Auras in your Studio account. 
What type of segments can I create?
Segment types include:
- Region (World countries and US states)
- Month
- Day
- Hour
- Platform (iOS vs Android)
- Device Power (High vs Low)
  • Deliver a more processor intensive experience to higher-end devices, whilst not excluding users with a lower-end device by providing them with an alternative experience
- Device language (including different language dialects -- see below for a full list)
All these segment types ensure that viewers in different circumstances can receive a tailored AR experience from the same Trigger Image. 
How do I do it?
Firstly, you need a Segments tab in your Studio Account to start - once you go to this tab, you need to set up your rule, and then save it.
NOTE: you can mix and match your rules, for example, Day = Wednesday + Region = France
Once you have saved your Segment, you need to apply it to your Aura, which you can do at the final phase of Aura creation:
Supported Device Languages
With device language segments, you can deliver different Auras to your audience based on the end user's mobile device language setting. This allows you to create and deliver Auras in multiple languages, or offer multiple versions of an AR experience based on the language the user has selected on his/her device. HP Reveal supports segments for the following device languages: 

ar: Arabic

ca: Catalan

zh-HK: Chinese (Hong Kong)

zh-Hans: Chinese (Simplified)

zh-Hant: Chinese (Traditional)

hr: Croatian

cs: Czech

da: Danish

nl: Dutch

en: English

en-AU: English (Australian)

en-GB: English (British)

en-CA: English (Canadian)

en-IN: English (Indian)

fi: Finnish

fr: French

fr-CA: French (Canadian)

de: German

el: Greek

he: Hebrew

hi: Hindi

hu: Hungarian

id: Indonesian

it: Italian

ja: Japanese

ko: Korean

ms: Malay

nb: Norwegian (Bokmal)

pl: Polish

pt: Portuguese

pt-BR: Portuguese (Brazil)

ro: Romanian

ru: Russian

sk: Slovak

es: Spanish

es-MX: Spanish (Mexico)

sv: Swedish

th: Thai

tr: Turkish

uk: Ukrainian

vi: Vietnamese

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