New iOS App download and follow guide

We've had plenty of requests from users for a step by step guide on how to download & follow users in the new iOS App, so here it is:


1). Search for the HP Reveal App on the Apple App Store.


2). Select HP Reveal and click the download/install button.


3). Once the app has installed to your device tap Open.


4). When the App opens for the first time it will ask if you’d like to use allow it to use location – tap Allow.


5). Next you’ll be prompted to either sign in or to create an HP Reveal account.


6). Follow the steps to do either.


7). Once logged in you land on the Auras page.


8). This page shows Auras you can currently view (if you are a new users, this will once show Universal Auras until you’ve followed some other content.


9). Tap the text field that says “Discover Auras”. Type the account name or Aura name of someone you want to follow.


10). Accounts are returned with a circle icon & Auras are returned with a square icon.


11). Select something (in this case an account) and you’ll see the account name & the Public Auras that user has created.


12). Tap the follow button to subscribe yourself to their content.


13). Now (depending on your connection speed) when you return to the Auras page, you might see some new Auras listed from the user you just followed. Dragging this list down forces the App to recheck Auras for updates.


14). Use the purple viewfinder icon to return to the camera viewfinder. Now you can start activating some content!

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