Trigger Image Coordinates (for location specific Auras)

Studio users have the ability to restrict a trigger image so that it is only recognized when the viewer is in a certain location. This is also referred to as “geo” or “geography” location triggers.


This can only be done when uploading a trigger image, not when editing a trigger.


Start being clicking to create a trigger.

And then right-click on the map to select your location & hit save! You can also search for a location in the bottom of the window.

One thing to keep in mind is that the current behaviour means that if you have the same trigger image uploaded multiple times - to create different experiences in different locations, once a user has viewed their first location-specific Aura - this will be the Aura they see for that trigger going forward. Even if they move to another triggers location. Please note that the radius is currently set to 50 meters or 164.064 feet.

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