'Snap + Share'

HP Reveal's augmented reality offers Users the perfect way to get a full body photo or video with themselves and a celebrity.

Here are our 10 simple rules to remember when setting up one of these experiences at your event or in your retail environment.

1. Size of the Trigger Image should be able to fit the height of your average person (5’5’’ in height), as well as the width for 2 or more people to fit inside the frame of the image

2. Scale your Overlay so that it equates to the real world height of the person the Overlay represents. For example, if you are taking a picture with Nicki Minaj, avoid making here really small so that it appears as if she really is there


3. The trigger image should feature an ‘environment’ so that the Overlay and the user appear in-situ

4. Avoid including an image of your Overlay as part of your Trigger image 

5. Remember that any Overlay in the Aura will appear in front of the person in the frame of the device (so avoid attempting to hide the Trigger Image with a background plate/transition as this will hide the User from view)

6. Ideally include an indication of where someone should stand in order to get a decent photo (footprint floor stickers etc.), and help them to avoid being hidden by the AR content

7. If you are using a video with alpha, rather than posing with an image, the ability to pause any animation would help users to get the best pose, and the pose they would like

8. The addition of a CTA as part of the Aura is useful, rather than on the Trigger, if you feel the need to educate Users in App


9. You could offer multiple options for which the User can have their picture taken - remember to tell your Users that they can do this at the start of the experience

10. Remember that you can also get users to record video and share

Using this approach in situations whereby people might be waiting in a queue is a great way to reduce the frustration of the individuals waiting in the queue.

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