Enabling or disabling AR based on device types

As smart devices get more and more powerful, our customers are using the Aurasma Studio to create more complex AR experiences. This content pushes the limits of the processing power of devices, and it is therefore more important than ever to consider what devices your customers are likely to have. 

Although Aurasma has determined its own base level of device support, you have the ability to decide what device CPU and hardware is capable of supporting the Aurasma content you have built.

The Aurasma technology instigates its base level of support automatically when it is launched in your App, however, you may wish to override the device support we provide as standard, and only allow it for higher end devices to ensure that your customers can definitely run your Auras smoothly.

For example, if you know that your content is going to cause a lag as it contains 3D models and complex sequencing, you could completely disable the Aurasma components in your UI on unsupported devices.

For Android development we provide the following method for easier device support management:



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