Adding Auras to your Whitelabel app

Edit App Rules in Aurasma Studio

You can control the campaigns accessible in your Whitelabel app directly within Aurasma studio. 

You have the flexibility to add, update, edit, or remove Auras and campaigns at any point before, during, or after the app submission process.

1. Select your app under the Apps tab in Aurasma studio. Click "Edit Rules" to configure the content that will be viewable by your end users in the app. 

2. Click "Add" to add campaigns to your Whitelabel app.

3. Select the campaign you wish to make available in your Whitelabel app.

To add multiple campaigns, return to step 2 and add a new rule for every campaign you'd like to include. 

You also have the option to restrict Aura availability by date. Leave this blank if you do not want to apply any restrictions.

4. Save and close

Remember to select "Save" to save your changes. 


End User Experience

Your end users do not have to follow any channels to view your Auras. They will immediately be able to experience your Auras after downloading your skinned app and pointing the viewfinder at the trigger. 

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