What is the Aurasma SDK?

Aurasma provides distribution options for getting your AR content into the hands of end users. We offer: 

  • Universal Auras hosted in the Aurasma app
  • Whitelabelled or skinned app capable of reading AR content with your branding
  • An SDK for embedding Aurasma technology into existing or new apps


What is the Aurasma SDK?

The Aurasma SDK embeds Aurasma technology into existing or new apps, typically alongside other app functions.


The Aurasma SDK: 

  • It embeds Aurasma image recognition technology into your app
  • It embeds a viewfinder that access the camera to "see" the world and render AR content from Aurasma's platform
  • It provides features for taking photos, selfies, social sharing, exploring AR content, a user guide, and minimal UI -- everything you'd need to host an AR experience within your app
    Check the Aurasma app for a live experience of these features -- we are giving you the same tested and true core technology that we use in our own app

What does it come with? 

The SDK comes with a working sample implementation that will compile and function fully, as a model for embedding into your apps.


What if I already have an app?

Even if you already have an app on the stores, you can embed the SDK and redeploy without having to rewrite your app --the SDK acts as an embeddable feature or section of your app. You'll have to resubmit your app to app stores after embedding the SDK. 


Is it hard to implement?

We've designed it for streamlined plug and play. The majority of the work is in the design, deciding where to embed the feature, and developing the user interface. Check out our *best practices* for recommendations on how to design and implement AR for your apps. 

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