What does a 'like' mean?

Using the Aurasma app, viewers of Auras have the ability to 'like' an individual Aura they are viewing, or an entire campaign of Auras they have chose to follow in app. 

Viewers can 'like' content to demonstrate their enthusiasm for it and give it more exposure. The more 'likes' an Aura or campaign of Auras has, the more likely other users around the world will follow it to unlock your AR content!

You can see how many 'likes' your content has in app - simply enter the Aurasma app menu, tap on the 'account' icon (bottom right), tap on the 'Following' bar (top left) and tap on your campaigns of content to see the number of 'likes' you have gathered under the main image thumbnail. 

In addition, when searching through content to follow using the 'search' icon in the app menu, you can always see how many likes an Aura or campaign has won - just tap on the relevant Aura or campaign, and find the number of likes under the image thumbnail. 


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