Providing education and awareness in the real world

Supporting CTAs on Real World Triggers

Print AR call to actions (CTAs) and clear instructions on print, products let your audience know that AR content exists here, and gives them instructions on how to discover and experience it.

Using a consistent icon as part of your CTA across your print material is important to create familiarity between the digital and print

It is recommended that you use an icon in your CTA which is either your App icon or the AR button that sits inside of your App to further emphasize the familiarity between print and digital

Step by step guide

If your customers are new to AR, a way in which to highlight how to use AR is to create a step by step guide. Whilst this may take up valuable space in your print, it is key to ensure that your customers are aware of what to do.

The step by step guide should break down the entire process of how to use the AR including download instructions and highlighting what to look out for. This is also a good place to tell your Users about the benefits it brings

Initially using a step by step guide, which includes your icon, will prepare your Users for smaller CTAs in the future

Simple CTA

Once the analytics delivered through the Studio show that customers are engaging with your content (demonstrated by the number of individuals viewing the content), you will know that you are at a stage in your Users education to reduce the size of your CTA.


Smaller CTAs do not require step by step instructions - they could just be icons that tell the User what app to use, and what they should point at

This method is not recommended without the customer having already received a formal education through the step by step guide

Visual design considerations for your CTA

The colours you use in your CTA are very important because they should stand out from the rest of the page.

If your Trigger Image has lots of contrasting colours, make sure that your CTA still stands out from the crowd. If your Trigger Image design is more simple from a colour perspective, use a colour that stands out and this will allows the design of the CTA to be more subtle in size.

Example of an effective CTA on an otherwise busy page:

Example of a effective colour design on a simple page:

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