Providing in-app education

Take advantage of app splash screens, swipe tutorials, and notifications

Swipe tutorials on launching AR feature

Swipe tutorials are also a useful way of educating your customers in how to use AR, as well as help to set content expectations. You might want to include this as a splash screen or swipe tutorial to mask the loading time of the Aurasma section of the app.

Splash screens in the Aurasma SDK can be animated. You can use this loading space to reinforce the instructions for activating, scanning, and viewing AR every time they open the AR viewfinder.

Swipe tutorial on app launch

Another place you can feature the AR function in your app is on app launch. Many apps include a swipe tutorial or a featured section on app load.

Popups tips and hints

On-screen tutorials and popup prompts are a great way to highlight new functionality to new app users, or following a recent app update.

Popups and on-screen tutorials can be called anywhere AR can be accessed in the app, reinforcing its presence and the reason you want people to scan.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a useful method to highlight to people the existence of AR in an App when they might not otherwise be using it.

Push notifications are also useful if someone allows location services to run in the background as you can let Users know that they are near AR content.

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