Moving away from the Trigger with Lock View

What behaviour can the end-user expect from the Lock View feature?

The Lock View feature allows an Aura to remain active if the end-user either moves their device away from the trigger image once the experience has been activated. For example, if an end-user triggers an Aura which contains a video, if Lock View has been applied they will automatically be able to continue watching the video when they have moved their device away from the trigger image.


How do I access Lock View?

You can add this feature when creating an Aura on the 'Create / Edit Overlays' stage of the workflow.

The button to activate this feature appears at the button left end of the Overlay placement tools (which run along the bottom of the 2D work space) - as has been highlighted in the screenshot below:

Hovering your mouse over this button will reveal a helpful tool-tip indicating what the feature is for:


Clicking on this button adds a new Overlay to your Aura. It is automatically positioned at the top of your list of Overlays (on the right hand side of the canvas), however it will appear at the bottom of the pile of Overlays in the canvas itself:


How do I position Lock View?

You can position and scale the Lock View Overlay just like any regular Overlay.


You might find that due to Lock View's position in the canvas, if you want to select it, the other Overlays in the canvas are covering the Lock View Overlay making it difficult to select. In this case, we would suggest clicking on 'Hide All' and then unhiding Lock View, using the eyeball icon, so that you can position it:


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  • Avatar
    John Sham

    Hi, I am kinda confused here! So by adding lock view, it enforces the device camera capturing at the "lock-view overlay" in order to stimulate the trigger image (i.e. to trigger the overlay)? Thanks.

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    AR Subject Matter Experts
    Hi John, Adding lock-view will mean that once you've triggered your Aura and you point your device away from the trigger, instead of the experience just ending the lock-view area will attach to the device's screen with the Aura still running (like a full-screen action).
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