Educating and training your users

When you're thinking about embedding AR into your app, it is important to consider how you'll let your users know that AR exists and that they can interact with what you've built.

AR is a new technology, and it cannot be expected that natural user behavior is to point a device at images and objects to reveal AR content.

Although the popularity of AR is on the rise, some people will have heard of it and know what to do, while others may have never heard of AR. Education is key to increasing the number of people who are aware of your content, and ultimately increase the number of individuals who experience your campaign.

Messaging is key. It should be both informative and concise. Be sure to maintain consistency and reinforce visual association – the call-to-action (CTA) icon you use on your print material should be the same as the icon you use to initiate the AR inside your app.


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