Is it possible to link through to web pages from an Aura?

Yes. There are two ways to bring up web pages on a device straight from an Aura:

1. Have an image/video Overlay to which you can attach a prompt to take you through to a web page. You can set this up using Overlay actions in the Aurasma Studio - for more on the actions, where to find them, and how to use them, check out this post

2. Use Web Overlays: this involves bringing up the Overlay 'upload window' (go to 'Assets' in your central dashboard, click 'Overlays' on the left hand side, and then 'Add an Overlay' to the right). You need to select 'web page' from the drop down under Overlay 'type' (it is normally set to Video by default), and then fill in the relevant URL. You do then need to upload an image thumbnail so that the web Overlay will save on our platform. This image will not appear when the Overlay is launched - it simply allows it to save in the Studio!

Note, though, that web page Overlays do not work effectively with Android devices - they are only effective with iOS devices.

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    Jo Anne Fults

    Is this option available on the ipads via the app or the website?

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