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Trigger Image Errors and their Solutions



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  • Shawn Bishop

    The rotation of images by 90 degrees is a major pain!!!!

    And the solution you have here is not only time consuming but also ineffective. If for example, you take 25 student images (triggers) at the wrong orientation, you would only know this once you upload them. Then you would have to go back into a different program and change orientation on 25 images and then upload them all again. What a pain.

    Also, Aurasma occasionally, just flips them back after you re-upload. This means you can make all the corrections to fix thing and then re-upload, but Aurasma changes them to 90 degrees wrong again. I think Aurasma is trying to be helpful by predicting the correct orientation, but it ends up messing things up too often.

    A very simply solution would be to allow rotation once in Aurasma!!!

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