Migrating from old studio to the new Aurasma studio

Studio Migration Details

The old Aurasma studio is going away January 2016.

In July 2014, we released a new version of our web studio for creating, managing, and tracking augmented reality. We're excited about the new version and think it's a better end user experience packed with powerful new features.

To keep up to date and getting the most of our new features, we're encouraging everyone to move from old studio to new studio. Old studio will no longer be supported after January 1, 2016, and everyone will be moved automatically over to the new studio.

What's the difference?

There are some great new features in the new studio that we can't wait for you to try. The most immediately noticeable change will be the user experience and interface design: old-vs-new-studio.jpg 

When you move to new Aurasma Studio, you'll also get: 

  • New Studio UI 
    New look and feel for studio that makes it even easier to create, manage, and track augmented reality campaigns.
  • Improved Aura creation flow
    A streamlined user flow for creating Auras - so fast and easy, it can be done in under 60s
  • Lock view Auras
    Continue viewing aura content even when the trigger moves out of view. Great for videos and selfies!
  • Easier sharing options
    With new studio, you no longer need to place Auras in a channel. You simply create, and click "share" to make them publicly discoverable. Users will search for your account and follow you to view your Auras, the same way you would on Twitter.
  • Immediate access to advanced actions
    In old studio, users had to request a special advanced actions upgrade to access creative functions like 2.5D, sequenced overlays, etc. In new studio, all these features are provided to all users upfront.

Does it cost anything? 

No. Moving from old studio to new studio does not cost anything. However, if you have apps built on the old SDK (v1.x), please contact our sales team at to discuss options for making sure your apps are still available after the move (see below for more information for 1.x app owners.) 

What will happen to my Auras and my apps?

Auras and other content

Your content, auras, trigger images, and assets will be preserved -- you'll be able to edit and access them as you do today, but in new studio UX (and with better features!) We've put together a set of tutorials that will help you get started.

Apps Access

Accounts with 1.x version apps will lose access to apps when migrating to new studio. All other app versions will maintain their current level of access.

How will I know if I have a 1.x app?

If this is your case, you'll have:

  1. Received an email from us in May and August with the title, "Aurasma: It’s not too late to upgrade"
  2. A warning in your studio account that looks like



I have a 1.x app, what do I do?

For accounts with 1.x apps, please contact us to upgrade your apps to the latest version of our plugin/skinned app to maintain access after you migrate to new studio.

Why do I need to upgrade my 1.x app?

We've been working hard on studio and our apps, and our newest app version is full of new features. Some of these include cloud matching (or server side matching), 64-bit compliance, social sharing enhancements, selfie cam view, and more! Additionally, with the iOS9 and Android M on the horizon, your app is outdated and may be at risk of rejection from app stores or cease to function altogether.

I've migrated to new studio and lost access to my apps. How do I get it back?

If you migrate to new studio without upgrading your apps, you'll still be able to upgrade after you migrate. Just email us at 

Send us an email at to talk to us about how to preserve access to your apps before migrating to new studio.


Why are you getting rid of old studio?

We've decided that providing the best augmented reality creation, management, and delivery platform for our customers is our top priority, and new studio is where we can accomplish that. The legacy studio has not been updated since early 2014, and we want our users to receive the latest and greatest we have to offer.

Everyone will be able to access the same functions in studio as they do today, with significant improvements in usability and creation flow. Give it a try -- we're certain you'll find it easier to use than ever.


Great! How do I get the new studio?

Starting August 5, 2015, you will be able to self migrate via a button in your studio (see below.) 

If you currently have an old studio account, simply log in at and click the button found on the homepage after logging in. It should look like this: 



Please note that once you move over to new studio, you will not be able to return to old studio. All users will be moved to new studio on January 1, 2016.  

Questions, comments, concerns?

Still have questions? File a ticket, or send us an email at

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