iOS9 and Android M Support - An Early Look

Aurasma Plugin v4.1.3/4.1.2 early release now available!

Get your apps ready for iOS9 and Android M

We are excited to provide an early release of our plugin with iOS9 and Android M support, available to all our customers who are planning ahead and starting development for these upcoming platform updates. 


What's new?

  • iOS v4.1.3 (beta)
    • Early support for iOS9 and Xcode7
  • Android v4.1.2 (beta)
    • Early support for Android M
    • Reduced method count to help your apps get lighter and faster and more easily remain within Android method count limits.

Good to know

Things to keep in mind as you consider upgrading your plugin.

  • This is an early release (beta). There may be additional updates to the plugin before iOS9 and Android M officially launch. While we do not anticipate major changes from now to official support, this is dependent on the developments of iOS9 and Android M.
  • This update is not mandatory. Your current 4.1.x plugins will continue to work on iOS7 and iOS8.

I have a skinned app, should I do anything?

Not at this time. Skinned apps ready for iOS9 deployment will be available after September. Contact your account executive for more information.

Ready to get the early release plugin?

Send us an email at or contact your Account Executive to get access to the early release plugin. 

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