Requesting the Aurasma SDK

To access our SDK, you first need to apply for and upgrade to our commercial account level. These paid-for accounts are for those customers keen to gain access to Aurasma-powered apps, as well as Aura usage stats in your Studio account and other features. To start a conversation with our Sales team about getting such an account and requesting a quote, select the 'My Account' option (top right) in your Studio account, and then under 'Quote History' select 'Request Quote' and fill in the required details. Our Sales team will then get back to you with a quote and further information. Once your account is upgraded to our commercial level, you will have the ability to request our plugin or SDK.   

The Aurasma SDK is a popular product, with many of our customers opting for a customizable solution where they can integrate our technology as a functionality within another host app. On first accessing and downloading our SDK inside your Aurasma Studio account, you will receive integration guidelines as part of these downloads to guide you through the process of integration and answer many of your questions. 


Interested in our latest SDK? Great! The first step is to see if a commercial level account is right for you, as it is required to access our SDK.

We're receiving hundreds of inquiries daily for a commercial account upgrade and we're evaluating each application on a case-by-case basis.  To apply, please use the following link to help us better understand your intent.  While we'd love to offer commercial accounts to everyone, they are currently limited to a subset of qualified partners. Get started here:

Once you have an upgraded commercial account (and for those who already have one) you can click on the 'Apps' option within the Aurasma Studio menu at the top of the Studio screen. You can then click the 'Request SDK' option, and fill in and save the short application form. Access to the SDK is immediate on our approving your application, and you can begin integrating the Aurasma SDK into an existing app, or building a completely new app featuring our technology.  More details can be found here.


Once your account has been upgraded, you will notice a new 'Apps' tab in your central dashboard of options in your Aurasma Studio account. To request your SDK, click on this 'Apps' tab, and then on the option to 'Request SDK'. Clicking on this option will then open a short form allowing you to name the application and select the distribution platform, either iOS or Android. 

When filling this form in, note that the “app name” must match your Project Name in Xcode for iOS development in order for the app to be able to read the AR content that is created in Studio and ultimately attached to your app. Using the dropdown menu, choose a distribution site (Apple or Google). If you plan to build one app for the App Store and one for Google Play, repeat all these steps, choosing the alternate distribution site the second time. You can then hit ‘save’. 

You will notice the status as “Pending” after you put in your request. The status will change to “Ready for Download” as soon as the Aurasma team approves your request.

Once your zip file is “Ready for Download,” simply log back in to Aurasma Studio, again go to the 'Apps' section of your account, locate your SDK requests, click them once, and hit the ‘Download’ option above them to the right. You will be presented with a 'Client Secret' before downloading takes place. You need to keep this secret safe and include in the code when integrating our technology into your app. Our guidelines offer details on where and how to do this.

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