Sharing Auras Privately - Via Private Share Link

If you have created content in your Studio account and you wish to share it with only a select audience, you can do so by using a Private Share Link.

These are links unique to each Studio account & grant recipients access to view all Auras stored in the "Private Auras" part of your Studio.

The link needs to be activated on the device you wish to subscribe, so email it, text it or publish it on your website & instruct people to click it on their devices (they will need the HP Reveal App installed). It can also just be typed into the device web browser if that is easier!

Once tapped it'll automatically open the App and follow your Private Auras.


To access your private share link:

  1. log in to your Studio account.
  2. Got to the My Account page (top right).
  3. Then click "share my private campaigns" below your profile picture. 



  • Make sure that your users have already downloaded HP Reveal. If not, user will be prompted to download the App and will need to click on the share link again after install.
  • Share links are CASE SENSITIVE - ensure your users know this if they're typing it in manually.
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