Adding Overlays and Overlay Actions to your Aura

Auras can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. You can attach one video to a Trigger Image, or you can create a more complex 'sequenced' Aura where viewers can interact with a number of different Overlays you have attached to a single image.

You can read more here about the basics of building an Aura, but this post is relevant to step 2 of the Aura creation process: selecting your Overlays.


Adding Overlays to an Aura

On step 2 of the Aura creation process, selecting Overlays, you can upload an Overlay using the cross icon (either upload or drag and drop from your desktop files) or the 'Click to Select Existing' option if you want to use an Overlay uploaded to the Studio on a previous occasion.


NOTE: When you choose an Overlay to add to the Aura, however, you will notice that the icon for selecting Overlays remains in place, meaning you can add as many Overlays to the Aura as you choose.  


Multiple Overlays, and adding advanced Overlay actions

All Studio accounts allow you to add actions to your Overlays to make your Auras more interactive. 

Using Advanced Actions in Studio allows you to attach commands to your Overlays to make an Aura more complex in terms of what it can do, and more seamless and friendly in terms of the user experience. Examples of what advanced actions can offer would include fade in transitions for videos, specific time management on when one Overlay starts and another stops, and the ability to start and stop, and reveal and hide certain Overlays on the basis of how a user interacts with others. 


Adding Actions to an Overlay

Once you have selected an Overlay to attach to a Trigger Image in an Aura, you will notice that Overlay in a box to the right hand side of the Aura 'set-up' view. In that Overlay box, click the 'Add Action' option.


On clicking this, you will see a new window pop up offering you a drop down with a menu of viewer or automatic prompt actions which will launch different Overlay actions or behaviours. One you have selected the appropriate prompt, you can decide what this prompt will do to the Overlay: simply click the Add Action button and then select an Overlay action. 

Screenshot_2019-02-19_at_13.04.31.png Screenshot_2019-02-19_at_13.04.42.png


Once you are happy with the actions you have attached to your Overlay, simply click Save. 

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