Aurasma Studio: The Explore Tab

On entering the Aurasma Studio, the first page you will reach is the Explore page, which offers thumbnails of Auras and campaigns currently featured, popular, or recently created on the Aurasma platform. This Explore section offers an amazing opportunity to see what others are creating on the platform, follow their content, and also gain exposure for your own Auras internationally!



You will notice that all the thumbnails have list or menu icons on the bottom right - by clicking on these you can get the option either to open the Trigger Image to view the Aura, or to see thumbnails for every Aura in that whole campaign:

Explore_menu.png  Explore_launch.png


Clicking to view the Aura will open up a larger version of the Trigger Image, and you can then view the Aura on your mobile device. The key point here is that you are logged into the Aurasma app with the exact same login credentials you have used to log into Studio - this way your Studio and app accounts will be linked together, and you will automatically be following in app the Auras you have clicked to view in Studio and the Explore area. Already have an app account, but want a Studio account? T his article will help you guide you through creating an online account that ensures your mobile app account syncs up! 

All this means your own content can receive similar exposure from inside the Aurasma Studio - all you need to do is make sure you have shared your Auras publically. For more on how to do this, check out this article or video!

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