Creating and Managing Folders in Studio

Folders are available in your Studio account so that you can group and organize your Trigger Images and Overlays. They are not required, but we encourage you to use Folders, as they make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

The following steps are the same for either Trigger Images or Overlays.

When uploading a single Trigger Image or Overlay, you have the option to put the Aura in to a folder or create a new one. Clicking the 'Folder' icon on the top right will give you a new window that allows you to click 'Create New Folder' at the bottom. You can then name your Folder as you wish.




I clicked 'Create New Folder' and filled in the name as 'Aurasma Fun.' It is now listed under the general 'My Overlays' folder, which is your default area if you do not place your individual asset in a specific folder. I simply double-clicked my 'Aurasma Fun' folder in the side window and you'll now see in the Folder section section (red arrow), that we are selecting files from the Aurasma Fun folder within My Overlays. Simply double-clicking 'My Overlays' in the side window again will take my content out of this specific folder. 




You can also add your assets to a Folder when you use the Bulk Upload tool. Simply click the folder icon on the bottom right and choose 'Create New Folder.' A quick double-click of your new folder will ensure your upload will go in to that specific folder.




Don't forget, you can create as many Folders as you like!

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