Uploading Overlays

Uploading a Single Overlay


The second component of an Aura after a Trigger Image you want our technology to recognise, is an Overlay: the digital element (e.g. videos, images, or 3D models) launched on your mobile device's screen when Aurasma views a Trigger Image. Click here to see the specifications for each type of Overlay.

In order to upload an Overlay to your Aurasma Studio account, you will want to make sure you have access to your video, image or 3D model on your desktop. Log in to Aurasma Studio and click the 'Assets' tab in the top-central dashboard. The subheadings on the top left will give you the option to choose 'Triggers' or 'Overlays.' Click 'Overlays' and then choose 'Create New Overlay' to the right. 




Choosing 'Create Single Overlay' will allow you to upload one Overlay to your account from your desktop.

You will then be taken to a new window. Name your Overlay, choose the 'Type' of file it is, browse your desktop for your file. and hit 'Save'.


Hitting 'Save' will add you new Overlay to your account. It will be available for use when you are creating an Aura.

Do you have a lot of content to upload? Check out how you can use 'Bulk Add' to upload multiple assets at once!

Watch this video tutorial see how you can add Overlays and overlay actions to your Aura.


Uploading Overlays in Bulk, and using the Drag and Drop feature


Aurasma encourages you to create as much augmented reality content as you can, and our latest version of the Studio makes it even easier to do so. Speed up your creation process by using the 'Bulk Add' option to upload multiple Triggers or Overlays into Studio at one time.

Please note that the steps below apply to both Triggers and Overlays, but the example will highlight Trigger Images.

Log in to your Studio Account and click the 'Assets' tab at the top. Click the dropdown menu under 'Create New Trigger' and choose 'Bulk Add Trigger Images'




You will then be taken to a new window. Once you add content, it will appear in the gray portion of the window below, with the name of your Trigger Image , a small thumbnail, the size of the graphic and the status of the upload. In order to browse for your content on you desktop, click 'Add,' which is circled in red. In order to see how to upload content from your Dropbox account, read this article.




After hitting 'Add,' you can browse your desktop for your images. I want to upload to the two photos of New York that you see in a folder called 'Assets.' I simply selected both images so that they are both highlighted and then I dragged and dropped them with my mouse right in to the gray 'Bulk Add' window behind it.




After you drag-and-drop the selected images, you will see both images populate into the gray space in the Bulk Add area. The 'Completion Status' will remain as 'Waiting for Upload' until you hit 'Submit' on the bottom left. Then, each image will start to upload in to Aurasma Studio. Below is an example of the first Trigger having competed its upload, while the second one begins to upload You will notice a progress bar as each image is uploading.




Looking at the screenshot above, you will notice 'Close on Success' is checked. This means that when all of your Triggers (or Overlays if you are Bulk Adding Overlays) are uploaded properly, the current window will automatically close and you will then be taken back to your Trigger subheading under the 'Assets' tab so that you can see large thumbnails of your images. See the image below

**Note for Bulk Adding Trigger Images** 'Begin Training when Upload Completes' is not automatically checked. This means that you need to manually train each individual image if you leave this unchecked. Training an image means that Aurasma Studio scans your individual Trigger and ensures that it will support an Aura. This is not necessary for Overlays. For manual training instructions, read this article.


Be sure to take advantage of the simple drag-and-drop feature so you can get multiple Triggers and Overlays to upload in to your account in one quick step!

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