Is there a cost associated with delivering Auras to multiple devices?

No. We want our technology to be completely accessible to schools and non profits without their having to worry about costs. We therefore advise teachers and schools to deliver Auras through the Aurasma app by 'sharing' them in the Studio and having users 'follow' their accounts in app.

Once Auras have been created in the Aurasma Studio, you have the option to 'Share' these at the click of a button. When you share an Aura, this means that anyone using the Aurasma app can view the Aura (and all other Auras you have chosen to share) simply by searching for and ‘following’ your account in app.Click here for more information on how to share and follow Auras! By delivering Auras this way, you can deliver as much Aurasma content as you like on the app for as long as you like, completely free of charge. 

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