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Welcome to HP Reveal!

HP Reveal is one of the most popular and cutting-edge technologies being used in schools around the world today. Enabling teachers to connect digital content such as video to images in books and classroom walls, HP Reveal offers a uniquely inventive, fun, and holistic way of engaging students of all ages. 

This post is designed for school teachers and covers all the relevant issues around using HP Reveal in your school.

What mobile devices does HP Reveal work on?

HP Reveal is a free app which can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play onto iPhones and iPads, and Android phones and tablets version 4.0 and above. For more information, please check out this link.


Where do I create Auras to see through the HP Reveal app?

It is possible to create Auras:

  1. In app on your device
  2. Online in our content creation tool, the Studio. Sign up today! We recommend creating content in Studio, which allows for easier content creation and sharing. You can access a series of Aurasma Studio Tutorials here.


I want my Auras to be viewed through multiple devices – should I create them on my phone or online in the Studio?

Teachers looking to make Auras viewable through multiple devices (for instance parents’ and students’ phones) will find it more convenient to create Auras online in the Studio - in fact for any type of large scale implementation of AR, we would recommend creating content in Studio vs the app. 

Auras created on your device will be more simple Auras, and, initially at least, can only be viewed through your device. Whilst it is possible to share Auras created on your phone with other phones and tablets, this is a less efficient way of making Auras accessible to multiple devices. Auras created in the Studio, on the other hand, can very easily be delivered to tens, hundreds, even thousands of mobile devices.


Are HP Reveal accounts set up in app and online in the Studio connected? Do they work together?

HP Reveal allows you the user to have accounts in two places: an in-app account, and an online account in the Studio. Content is generally created online in the Studio, and then viewed using the app. It is also possible to make a few smaller, more simple Auras in-app. 

We are working all the time to improve the links between app and Studio accounts, and they are already linked together to some extent. If you open an account online in the Studio, or in-app, you will then be able to log straight in to the other using the exact same login credentials.

Logging in to both Studio and app with the same login credentials will ensure that the two accounts are more closely linked together. Content you create and share from the Studio will be automatically available in your app account, meaning you will not need to actively follow it in order to view it on your device. You can also test private content automatically using the simulate button in Studio if you are logged in to the app with your Studio login credentials. The key, then, is to have Studio and app accounts with the same login details!

However, Studio and app accounts are not completely linked together. Auras created in app will not appear in Studio, and they cannot be moved in to the Studio - if you want your Auras available in both app and Studio, you should create the Auras online in your Studio account. These Studio Auras are delivered to the app by 'sharing' them in Studio. As stated above, if you are logged in to both app and Studio with the same login credentials, any Auras you share from the Studio will automatically appear in your app account - you will not need to actively search for and follow those Auras in app.  


Do you offer dedicated 'Educator' accounts specifically for teachers, schools, and universities?

No. We do not offer dedicated educator or teacher accounts. All Studio and app accounts are the same.


Do you offer free upgrades / educational upgrades for teachers / schools?

No. All accounts have the same levels of functionality already set up by default. You do not need to do anything else once you have set up an account. We do not offer any further free upgrades. 


*How do I create Auras on a mobile device?   *

Once you have downloaded HP Reveal from the App Store or Google Play and installed it onto your device, you are able to create simple Auras in-app. Tapping on the information button in app will provide you with more information on how to make Auras in-app. Have a look at this video for more!

Auras you create on your device can initially only be viewed through your device, although it is possible to share Auras created on your phone with other mobile devices. If you are looking to create Auras which can be viewed through multiple devices, we recommend creating them online in the Studio instead.


How do I create Auras online in the Studio?

The Studio is a free online platform that allows you to create and publish your own augmented reality content, which we call ‘Auras’. Similar to a content management system, you can create sophisticated and professional-looking Auras in the Studio simply by uploading a few digital assets.

First you need to sign up for an account. Click here to register for an Studio account!

Once set up with an Studio account, you will be able to start making your Auras by uploading your assets – the images you want our technology to recognise (Trigger Images), and the videos or images or animations you want to overlay these images with on your device(s) (Overlays).

For more detail on uploading your assets, linking them together to create Auras, and then delivering these Auras to multiple devices, you should take a look at our Studio tutorials here


Does it cost money to set up an account or make Auras in the Studio?

No, setting up an account on the Studio and creating as many Auras as you like in your account is completely free of charge. For more on what you can get for free on the HP Reveal platform, take a look at this post.


Does it cost money to deliver Auras created in the Studio to multiple mobile devices?

No. We want our technology to be completely accessible to schools and non profits without their having to worry about costs. We therefore advise teachers and schools to deliver Auras through the HP Reveal app by 'sharing' them in the Studio and having users 'follow' their accounts in app.

Once Auras have been created in the Studio, you have the option to 'Share' these at the click of a button. When you share an Aura, this means that anyone using the HP Reveal app can view the Aura (and all other Auras you have chosen to share) simply by searching for and ‘following’ your account in app. Click here for more information on how to share and follow Auras! By delivering Auras this way, you can deliver as much HP Reveal content as you like on the app for as long as you like, completely free of charge. 


Is there a way of making Auras which can be viewed automatically, so that the app user does not have to first search for and ‘follow’ my account?

Universal Auras

Some Auras can be viewed automatically, these are called 'Universal Auras'. These experiences do not require app users to first follow the account in which they exist, however these are restricted to customers enrolled in our Beta program.

As part of HP’s constant commitment to innovation, we are currently in the process of reshaping the future of HP's augmented reality products. As a result, we are reworking our paid product offerings, including Universal Auras, and will therefore not be taking on any new customers into our Beta program. We will have more to share with our registered users in the near future. 

Although we are reworking our paid products, you can continue to create and share AR experiences through the Studio for free. 

Unified Login

If you want other users to avoid having to go through the 'Follow' process, the other option is to provide users with the login credentials of a user which is already following the content. This would be our recommended approach:

  1. Create a new login with the HP Reveal App
  2. Use the login to follow your content 
  3. Provide those login details to anyone who you want to view your content so that they are automatically following that content*


*Try not to encourage users who are logged in with those details to follow anything else - otherwise, everyone using those login details will automatically be following those channels too.    


Is there any way schools or non profits can apply for a discount for Universal Auras?

At this time we cannot offer discounts on our software. We advise that you continue to use our free platform which allows you to create and share as much content as you like through the Aurasma app. If you would like to request a quote for Universal Auras from our Sales team though, simply click on the 'My Account' option in your Studio account (top right) and then under 'Quote History' click 'Request Quote' and fill in the required details. 


Is there any limit to the number of Auras I can create in the Studio?

No, there is effectively no limit. We would, however, advise managing content so that your viewers are seeing your latest Auras, as this will ensure faster loading times.  


I want students/ faculty to use the Studio – do they all need separate accounts?

No, they do not need separate accounts. However, accounts are set up on a one account-one user basis. If you do want students or staff to use the same account, we advise setting up an account with a general login which you are happy to share.


Is it possible to set up multiple logins for a single account?

No - the ability to set up multiple logins is only offered to Commercial Accounts. Otherwise accounts only have a single user. This is why, if you do want to share account access with others, we advise you create a general login you are happy to share. 


If students are all using the same account, is it possible to separate their Auras?

No, all Auras exist in the same 'Auras' section of your account. They will be listed in the same view in alphabetical order. 


If students all have their own accounts, is it easy to move individual Auras from their account into another account so that parents/students only need to follow one account?

No – unfortunately Auras created online in one account cannot be moved into another account. If you want viewers to only have to follow one account to see all your Auras, they will need to be created in the same Studio account. 


We want parents to be able to see some Auras and not others – how should we make this possible?

Easy – Auras can be private or publicly shared. Only when you click the option to 'Share' Auras in Studio will they be publicly available to other HP Reveal users. If you simply opt to save Auras but do not share them they will remain private in your account. You can choose to share them later, or keep them away from public view. 

All parents need to do is download the HP Reveal app, search for your account in app and follow it – they will then be able to view your publicly shared Auras.


If we want Auras to be available to students and parents, but we do not want them to be ‘public’ and accessible to all HP Reveal users, is there any other way we can deliver these Auras to multiple devices privately?

Yes. Sharing Auras in the Studio and allowing students or parents to follow your account in-app is undoubtedly the easiest and most efficient way of making Auras available to multiple devices.

However, you can also keep Auras ‘private’ and unavailable to the wider HP Reveal platform whilst still making them available to certain app users you have identified. The way to do this is to send your account's private subscription link to the specific email addresses or phone numbers of people you want to be able to see your content. 

All you need to do is: click the 'My Account' option (top right) in your account; and then, under your profile image, click the option to 'Share your Private Campaign'. You can then copy the link (using ctrl + c) into an email to be sent to those who you want to be able to view your private AR content. If they tap on this link on a mobile device which has Aurasma installed, the app will automatically open, and they will automatically follow your account containing the Auras you want them to be able to view. This way multiple devices will be able to see Auras in an account which is still private and not available to the wider app user base.   


Can we host the content privately on our own server?

No – currently all content is hosted on our servers.


We are struggling to view the Auras through the app in school, even though they work fine at home. Could there be a firewall issue at my school?

We do occasionally hear of connection problems, particularly on corporate WIFI and in schools. Usually this affects video streaming. If this is the problem you are seeing, you may find that some videos do work because they have been cached on your device while it was connected to a network without filtering.

Our content delivery sites are:

You can try whitelisting, and please let us know how well this works.

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