Can I use a video larger than 100 MB as an Aura Overlay?

The 100 MB limit on video sizes for the Studio is not arbitrary - it is a limit based on mobile processing power and the need to deliver HP Reveal content over both wifi, 4G as well as weaker 3G connections.

Videos over 100 MB in size therefore need to be compressed. MP4 video files, which we recommend, are by definition compressed video files. 

Video file should adhere to these formats:

  • be MP4 or FLV files
  • under 100 MB in size
  • use a standard codec like H2.64

Video Compression

Before uploading your videos to the Studio, you need to make sure they are the below the 100 MB file limit. A great way of doing this, if you don’t have the necessary video editing software to hand, is to use a piece of software called MPEG Streamclip. MPEG Streamclip is a powerful free video converter which you can use to get your videos HP Reveal ready.

To export your video, use the following settings in MPEG Streamclip:

  • Compression: H.264
  • Quality: adjust as needed until you get the desired file size 
  • Sound: Leave as default
  • Size: leave as original size unless you would like to make it smaller for playback
  • NOTE: Leave everything else set as default

You can download it for Windows or Mac here.

There is also a simple tutorial on how to use it here.

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