Creating an Aurasma studio account

Getting started with Aurasma studio 

The Aurasma studio is an online drag-and-drop web studio for creating and managing Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, which we call ‘Auras’.

Aurasma allows you to then share that content with the world through the Aurasma or your own branded apps

Already have the Aurasma app? You're one step ahead.

If you've already downloaded the Aurasma app, simply log into the studio with the same credentials that you created with the app. This will make the content you create in the studio account automatically available on your app and device. 

How to create an Aurasma studio account 

Visit the Aurasma Studio at

  1. If you have the Aurasma app already: Log in to the Studio using the exact same login details you use to log in to your app account
  2. If you do not have the Aurasma app yet: Click 'Sign Up'
Account tip: Give yourself a memorable username and password, and choose an email address to attach the account to – you will need this if you need a username reminder or password reset.
You can then use these same login credentials to log in to the Aurasma app and automatically access and see the content you create in studio. 



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