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Trigger Images Explained




  • John Sham

    Hi, I am reading this thread on a LED / LCD monitor. And the good example traigger image cannot be detected by my Aurasma app!! In fact, my aurasma app can only detect about 1 out of 10 trigger images via a monitor. Are signal interferences the reason behind?
    This is essential for my audience as well as creator as usability will be key for my aura project to be successful. Would you please provide a solution?
    Thank you very much.

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  • Simon

    Would love to know the answer to this.

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  • AR Subject Matter Experts
    When viewing images on a monitor the devices camera adjusts its exposure balance - commonly images are viewed with a white background/surround (like here on the website). so the camera is compensating for all the while by making the view darker (because it thinks its really bright light). If you viewed the same image on a darker background it would look brighter, you'll see it too if you move closer to the image on the screen, filling the view with more image and less white space. Just one of those hardware things!
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