What do I need to make an Aura? Is it easy?

Auras are super easy to make—you just need to have the content ready at your fingertips! Our experts are able to make Auras in the Studio in under 60 seconds!

First you need the app installed on your mobile device (you view Auras through the HP Reveal app), and then an online Studio account for creating the content. 

What you then need to create an Aura:

  • Trigger Image: This is the real-world image or object that our technology will recognise to launch the AR experience which we call an Aura. 
  • Overlay: This is the digital content that you see on the screen of your mobile device after hovering the viewfinder over the Trigger Image. Overlays can be a static image, a video, animation, a 3D model, and more! 

Once you have these assets, you are ready to upload them to the Studio account and create content! Creating content by linking your assets together can take as little as a minute to do - for instructions on creating an Aura, have a read through this post.

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