App accounts vs. Studio accounts

HP Reveal (Aurasma) accounts work across studio and the HP Reveal app. 

Auras created in app will not appear in Studio. 

If you want your Auras available in both app and Studio, you should create the Auras online in your Studio account. Auras created in app cannot be moved to the online Studio.  

Content is generally created online in the Studio and then viewed using the app. The HP Reveal app allows for simple Aura creation, but Auras created in the app will not be visible or editable in studio.

If you open an studio account, you be able to log in to the HP Reveal app using the same login details as you use to log in to the online studio. Just log in to the app as an 'Existing' user, and type in your studio login credentials in the space provided.

Auras created in studio will be available in your HP Reveal app if you log in to both the studio and the app with the same login credentials. 

This will ensure that content you create and share in the studio will be automatically available in your app and devices. You will not need to follow your accounts or channels to view the Auras. Auras built in the studio are delivered to the app by 'sharing' them in Studio.

You can also test private content automatically using the simulate button in studio if you are logged in to the app with your studio login credentials.

Otherwise, your Studio account and app account are separate entities, and so Auras you create in one will not automatically appear in the other.

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