Delivering AR content to your end users

There are four ways to deliver AR content on the Aurasma platform

  1. Publish Auras in the free Aurasma app (your users need to follow you to see your content) FREE
  2. Universal Auras hosted in the free Aurasma app
  3. Whitelabeled or skinned app with your own branding
  4. Aurasma SDK for embedding AR into your own apps


Option 1: Publish Auras in the free Aurasma app

With a free account you can share content you create in the Aurasma studio or app for other Aurasma users to find, follow, and view. You can deliver as much of your content as you like through the Aurasma app this way for free.  

Getting others to view your content by following your account in app is the quickest way to share your content with the world – it only takes a matter of seconds. This option is best suited for educators and individuals interested in leveraging augmented reality, but not in a commercial capacity. For more on using the Aurasma studio to create and share Auras for free, check out these tutorial videos!


Option 2: Universal Auras hosted in the free Aurasma app

A Universal Aura can be viewed automatically by Aurasma users, without them needing first to follow your account in app. App users can point the Aurasma app at your Trigger image and experience the Aura immediately.

Universal Auras are available with an Aurasma subscription.


Option 3: Whitelabeled or skinned app 

A whitelabeled app is an app created by Aurasma with your branding.

Content delivered through an app like this is automatically available to users - there is no need to first follow content in app. Check out this link for a short introduction to whitelabeled apps.

Whitelabeled apps are available to accounts with an Aurasma subscription for a development fee.


Option 4: Embedding our SDK into your own app

Our SDK allows you to embed the power of Aurasma's technology into your app. As with whitelabeled apps, our SDK gives businesses the opportunity to add to and update their content at any time and maintain control over the user experience at all times.

Content viewed in an SDK-powered app is automatically available to users - there is no need to follow or subscribe to get content. 

The SDK is available at no additional charge with an Aurasma subscription.


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