Can I use HP Reveal for free?

Yes. The HP Reveal app is free to download, and we provide free access to our web-based studio for creating and managing augmented reality. At this time we are not offering any paid products.

What can you do for free?

  1. Free to download HP Reveal and HP Reveal-powered apps from the App Store or Google Play
  2. View and experience augmented reality content by following accounts in app, scanning a QR Code, or finding Universal Auras
  3. Create your own AR content in the Aurasma app
  4. Create your own AR content in the studio. Sign up today!
  5. Publish as much content as you'd like to the HP Reveal app by making your Auras public for others to follow in app, or use the QR Code method

Whether you’re a teacher creating an interactive lesson for your students, a librarian setting up a scavenger hunt around the library or a non-profit promoting your cause, HP Reveal’s free platform is available to enhance the experience!

Signing up 

To create an HP Reveal account, click here to get started.  


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