Why aren't my Auras working?

There are a few reasons why an Aura might not work as expected. Below are the most common reasons for Auras not working with steps to resolve. 

1. Check your internet connection 

HP Reveal requires an internet connection.

A good internet connection will mean faster image recognition and a faster load time for an Aura. If you have a slower or weak mobile signal, your Auras will trigger much more slowly. If you have limited or no connectivity, the HP Reveal app will have a hard time communicating with our servers to load your content. 

2. Make sure you have followed the appropriate channel 

'Sharing' Auras from the Studio does not mean they will work automatically on any user's device. 

Your Auras must be "followed" in order for Aura to work (unless you have a paid subscription)  

Users need to follow your account first:

  1. Go to the 'Discover Auras' search box in app
  2. Type in the account name
  3. Press 'follow'. The Auras will then be available to that device.

3. Check if the masking tool has been used correctly (if at all)

The masking tool is used to strengthen weaker Trigger Images by telling HP Reveal where to focus and where NOT to focus. 

Check that crucial parts of your image have not been covered in the masking tool. If parts of an image are blocked out, HP Reveal won't recognize or trigger the Aura.

4. Check if the Trigger image is of a sufficient quality

Trigger images should be graphically rich and not too dark or sparse.

Small text, musical notes, and other small patterns and lines will not make for good images. More on this can be found in the Trigger Image section of:

5. Make sure your Auras are publicly available by using the 'Share' function in studio

In order to make your Auras searchable and visible to others, you must select 'share' after you finish creating them.

This allows other users to search for your account name in their HP Reveal app and hit 'follow.' Once someone follows your account name once, they will be able to see all of your auras. You can add, edit, or delete your content at any time and the update will automatically be pushed to the device. Read this article for help on how to share your Auras.


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