Aurasma Subscriptions

What do you get with a subscription to the Aurasma platform? 

Aurasma offers subscriptions for Auras, with pricing scaling based on time and number of Auras. With a subscription, you'd get:

  1. Universal Auras 
  2. Branded app experiences - via a whitelabeled app or embedding our SDK into your existing apps
  3. Analytics - performance numbers on views, clicks, time spent, and more.
  4. Priority support - priority support for tickets, and a dedicated account manager to help you execute your project 
  5. Creative support - style guides, buttons, and templates to use in your Auras. 

Do you charge for subscriptions? 


What does it cost?

Since AR projects come in different shapes and sizes, we scale pricing based on subscription time and number of Auras. To get pricing for your specific project, request a quote directly from your Aurasma studio account. 

How can I get a quote for a subscription?

  1. Log into studio 
  2. Click on "My Account" 
  3. Under "Quote History", click "Request Quote" 
  4. Fill out the form details
  5. Our sales team will get back to you with a quote and additional information for any questions you may have
  6. You will be able to access the quote directly within studio

Can I pay for Aurasma online? 

Yes. Click on the quote after you've received and reviewed it, and you'll be guided through payment options and steps. 

I'm not ready to request a quote but have questions about paid subscriptions. Can I speak with someone on the sales team who can answer my questions? 

Email us at and a member of our sales team will be in touch. 


Wait, can I use Aurasma for free? 

Yes! You can use Aurasma for free


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