Branding and customization options

Customization Options

Aurasma whitelabeled apps provide 3 customization options:

  • Splash screen (static image)
  • Application icon
  • Application name

Loading Sequence

Below is a series of screens that display on opening the app.

  1. Custom splash screen (static image) 
  2. Short Aurasma animation
  3. Help screen tutorial
  4. Main camera view

*Screen #1 is the customizable splash screen, which you may customize with your own branded static image. You are not able to remove the Aurasma splash screen shown in #2

Preparing Application Icons and Assets

Before submitting a request for a Whitelabel app in the studio, you'll need to prepare your app icon and splash screens in in the various sizes that the Apple App Store and Google Play require. Below is a list of the different sizes you will need to submit to Aurasma. 

All images should be PNG. 


App icon

  • 114x114 (iOS6 - iPhone)
  • 120x120 (iOS7 - iPhone)
  • 144x144 (iOS 6 - iPad)
  • 152x152 (iOS7 - iPad)
  • 512x512 (App store)

App splash screen

  • 640x960 (iPhone 4)
  • 640x1136 (iPhone 5)
  • 1536x2048 (iPad) 


App icon

  • 96x96

App splash screen

  • 480x800 (smartphone)
  • 800x1280 (tablet)
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