Branding and customization options

The SDK would occupy only a section of your app among other app functions, so the branding, messaging, and overall app experience is in your control.

Within the SDK, we allow customization of a number of components.

You can upload your own images and content for:

  • Splash image
    Image that will be shown on load of the Aurasma functions within your app. If you allow Aurasma to preload (see below), this image will not be shown.
  • UI buttons for: take a screenshot/video/selfie, help, flash, like
    The SDK comes with a default set of icons. You can use your own 64x64px PNG files to replace the icons used in the UI.
    *Screenshot icon functions as a video recorder as well – activated by holding down the button instead of tapping

  • Help guide content
    Help page displayed when tapping on the help button. The same guide will be shown on first entering the Aurasma feature in your app if that option is enabled. You can fully customize this layout with an xml file for Android, .xib file for iOS.
  • Social sharing text*
    *Twitter only. For Facebook post customizations, you will need a Facebook Developer ID

You can enable or disable these features and UI elements:

  • AR viewfinder braces
    Enable or disable the guideline braces in the AR viewfinder
  • Cloud matching
    Allow your app to match trigger images and retrieve Auras against the cloud. If this is “off”, Auras must be synced before they will trigger.
  • Full screen UI
    Screenshot, like buttons remain in view when Aura triggers a full screen experience.
  • Pre-download overlay data
    Pre-download overlays when on WiFi
  • Scanning animation
    Enable or disable the “bouncing dots” animation
  • First time guide 
    Bring up the help guide when you launch the Aurasma feature for the first time.

  • Device power support check 
    Checks whether the end user device CPU and hardware can support AR. Aurasma calls this method on launch, but you may use it to completely disable Aurasma components in your UI on unsupported devices.

  • Aurasma preload
    Allow Aurasma to start downloading important components in the background.
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