Is a Whitelabel app right for me?

Whitelabel App Overview

Aurasma customers can request  whitelabeled apps for iOS or Android platforms. Whitelabel apps are new apps with the same functions as the main Aurasma app, but include limited custom branding opportunities.

Aurasma will provide app files for submitting to app stores. Customers are responsible for submitting and publishing apps to Apple and Google Play app stores. 


Customization Options

The Aurasma Whitelabel app has 3 areas of customization: 

  • Application name
  • Application icon
  • Splash screen shown when the app is launched

This article provides more information on customization options. 


Is a Whitelabel App Right for My Project? 

Aurasma offers multiple ways to get your Auras into the hands of end users. In addition to the Whitelabel app, you have the choice of hosting content in the Aurasma app with Universal Auras, or embedding Aurasma technology into your own apps with our SDK.

1. You need development services

Whitelabeled apps are built in-house by Aurasma's Services team for a one off cost. We can build the App within 3 working days which means that you can get your new Aurasma powered App off the ground quickly.

2. You want custom branding but have limited time to market

We recommend Whitelabel apps for customers who want to launch quickly with limited custom branding. For more customization options or an integration with an existing app, we recommend considering the Aurasma SDK.


End user experience

End users do not need to follow channels to access and view Auras in a Whitelabel app.


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