Is the Aurasma SDK right for me?

The Aurasma SDK contains the full functionality of Aurasma’s image recognition and augmented reality technology. We provide the SDK for customers who wish to embed Aurasma technology into existing or new apps, typically alongside other app functions.

Aurasma offers multiple ways to get your Auras into the hands of end users. In addition to the skinned app, you have the choice of hosting content in the Aurasma app with Universal Auras, or purchasing a whitelabeled app from Aurasma.


Is the Aurasma SDK right for my project?

We recommend embedding the SDK into your apps in a number of cases.

1. You have an existing app and established user base.

If you have an existing mobile app, you will like already have an existing user base. You can leverage your existing audience and bring AR to your customers through an app they already have without having to start building up a user base from scratch, or asking them to download a new app.

2. To provide a seamless app and brand experience

Instead of asking your user base to download a new app, provide a seamless AR experience branded for your company or organization directly within your mobile app.

This also opens up possibilities for the user journey. For example, if you publish Auras that contain 'buy now' buttons, you can use URL schema to ensure that these buttons link to a purchasing section in your mobile app, rather than directing customers to your website via a browser.

3. You want a deeper level of customization

Using the Aurasma SDK is the only way to customize the look of your UI. You can also determine what functionality that you want to have available to your customers and at what point in the user experience they are made available.

4. Demonstrate innovation

Your existing user base will want to see app updates which highlight new functionality and innovation. The Aurasma SDK is easy to integrate, and packs the power of Aurasma’s image recognition and augmented reality technology into your mobile app with minimal development.

5. Deliver a social media-centric campaign

The Aurasma SDK allows you to pre-populate canned tweets with hashtags and messages when customers share a video or photo to social media.

With a Facebook App ID, you can also pre-populate Facebook shares.


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